Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Pure Liquid Gel 10 x 1L

Aloe Vera Liquid Gel - 100% Pure - Bulk Deal 10 x 1L
Produced from the genuine Aloe Vera plant (the True Aloe) in South Africa. It is harvested and bottled within the critical 3 hour window period. This liquid gel is 99.5% Pure Aloe Vera Juice with no colourants, flavourants or water added. 0.5% stabilizer is necessary to maintain freshness.



Shelf Life


Apply the 100% Pure Aloe Vera Liquid Gel topically: Heals burns; Acne; Sunburn; Moisturizer; Remove Make-up; Eases skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis; Relieves bug bites; Hair rinse; Heals cracked feet; Diaper rash; Dandruff; Wound healing; Hemorrhoids; Antiseptic; Dry skin.

Safety Precautions:

Do not take aloe vera liquid gel internally if you have kidney conditions.

Talk to your doctor before using aloe vera liquid gel if you are also taking the following medications, because aloe vera may interact with them: Diuretics, Corticosteroids, Lanoxin, Warfarin, Diabetes medication, Anticoagulants


The products offered by Quente Products are neither intended nor prescribed to be a substitute for medical treatments, cure or prevention of any disease - physical, mental and emotional. Please consult your healthcare provider for any health-related problems prior to use.

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