Angelica Essential Oil

Angelica Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

1. Antispasmodic

Spasms can affect multiple processes within the body, including the nervous system, respiratory system, muscles and joints. This can result in cramps, coughs and aches.

Alongside Lavender Oil and Rosemary Oil , Angelica Essential Oil has potent relaxing properties to relieve spasms and act as a natural pain reliever.

2. Detoxify

Angelica Oil is both a diuretic (promotes urination) and a diaphoretic (promotes sweating), which makes it great for detoxing the body. Angelica Essential Oil can help speed up the removal of toxins to leave you looking and feeling healthier.

3. Aids digestion

With its ability to trigger the production and secretion of digestive juices, not only does Angelica Essential Oil stimulate the digestive system, but it also works to repair it in the long term.

4. Boosts nervous system

Angelica Essential Oil acts as a tonic for the nerves, both treating nervous afflictions and strengthening the nervous system.

It has the ability to act as a relaxant and a stimulant, so it can both soothe the mind and stimulate the nerves to help them heal themselves.

5. Improved wellness

Angelica Essential Oil is great for emotional as well as physical health. It works to calm and soothe the mind to alleviate stress and anxiety and trigger feelings of tranquillity and an uplifted mood.

Its properties as a tonic also contribute to overall health and immunity to give you an all-round boost.

What is Angelica Essential Oil used for?


Thanks to its ability to flush toxins out of the body, Angelica Essential Oil can drain and detox your skin.

A build-up of impurities in the blood and skin tissues can lead to pigmentation, puffiness, rosacea and other skin care concerns. By stimulating blood circulation and eliminating these harmful elements, Angelica Oil can leave skin healthier than ever.


Angelica Essential Oil has highly soothing properties. When applied topically, it works to calm the epidermis and heal problems such as eczema and breakouts.

Other Essential Oils that are great for soothing irritated skin include Chamomile Oil and Clove Oil.


Dull, lacklustre skin can leave you feeling less than yourself, but Angelica Oil can be the perfect remedy to reignite your radiance. With its chemical properties that work to restore the microbial balance, skin will be left renewed and revitalised.

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