Birch Essential Oil

Birch essential oil 10ml

Composed primarily of one chemical component, methyl salicylate. Methyl salicylate is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, rubefacient and anti-rheumatic and is therefore effective for muscle & joint pain relief.

Birch oil also stimulates the circulatory system. When circulation is good, the body prevents the occurrence of certain diseases. These include edema or swelling, arthritis, and rheumatism. Its detoxifying ability also helps lower the risk of acquiring circulatory diseases.

Birch essential oil can also be used as a skin toner. Regular use can reduce wrinkles and sagging of skin and underlying muscles. Its astringent property also makes it useful for tightening the skin. It can also strengthen the hair and gums.

Birch oil can also lower fever by promoting sweating. It can also reduce joint and muscle pains, toothaches, and headaches. Applying the oil also relieves cramping throughout the body.

Birch oil is non-toxic in standard dosages, like when used in aromatherapy. One of its components, methyl salicylate, is an active ingredient in aspirin. This makes it not advisable to consume the oil. Also, you should not use sweet birch oil on or near open wounds because it can cause skin irritations.

Birch Essential Oil Cautions

It is advisable for pregnant women not to use birch oil. Like other essential oils, parents should also keep it away from children. Children may confuse the oil with wintergreen-type candies because of the similar aromas.

How To Apply Birch Essential Oil

You can apply birch oil in a variety of ways. It can relax fatigued muscles by adding a drop of birch in some carrier massage oil and then rubbing it on the desired area. Combined with helichrysum in a carrier oil, birch oil also makes a soothing blend perfect for the skin. People can also add the oil one drop at a time into a diffuser. This creates an aroma that clears the mind and promotes comfort and vitality.

Muscle Cramp Roller Bottle Blend

Use your birch essential oil in a blend to help with miscellaneous muscle cramps. Combine ingredients into a 10ml glass roller bottle and give it a shake to mix oils well. Use the roll-on applicator and apply to sore muscles as needed. Made at a 2% dilution ratio.

Birch Oil Pairs Well With

Several oils combine well with birch oil to come up with an aromatic and calming formula. Its minty fragrance blends well with several types of oils such as citrus oils. Woody and balsamic oils such as rosemary, sandalwood, and jasmine also blend well with birch.

Birch Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Birch oil smells AMAZING! I guess in my head I would think it would smell woodsy. It doesn't however. Try this blend in your diffuser and see what you think!

As Always Use Essential Oils Responsibly

As with any essential oils available in the market, birch essential oil offers many health benefits. But always remember to use it well so that you do not have to worry about possible side effects. Enjoy and reap all the goodness this oil brings.

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